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7 June 2013



Day 12: PERSEF3 class finally pushed through. 8D Had early lunch with Jom at Tori Box then went to Paco to buy some cassava cake for her supervisors. Passed through Glorietta and found this giant box (which I found in TriNoma as well earlier this evening), and it damn sure did make me curious. Megamall lunch date with co-interns at Mang Inasal again since it’s Friday and it’s Misheal and Jeoy’s last day at SMITS. :( Generally fun day ‘til the sudden rain ruined my perfectly good mood. Meh. Still a good Friday. :) #projectsenioryear

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  • project senior year
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  • glee for coke
  • OJT
  • on-the-job training
  • clingy co-interns
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